Volume Based Dividends

Our platform takes away the hard part of crypto dividends

The Powerstake Community Platform pays all POWER coin holders 20% dividends through buying/selling volume. Dividends is paid in Ethereum instantly and proportionally relative to the total POWER circulating supply. Referral link earn you more than 6% of the total from a new purchase (30% of the 20% generated dividends).

Our Earning Platform is Connected to The Power Online Casino!

Power Casino

Every Saturday 15% of the Casino's turnover gets distributed to all Power Coin holders on this platform!

And since POWER Coin is paired with Ethereum, the value of your POWER Coin will rise along with the price of Ethereum on top of all other price appreciation!

Open-Source, Transparent
Verified, Tested Contract
Decentralized Coins
Accessible Anywhere
Web 3.0 Compatible
No Developer Fees or Admin keys!
Immutable contract that can't be changed or stopped
No signup, creating an account or KYC/AML
No need for referrals to earn on the platform!
High dividend rate!
Huge Road Map and Future Plans for Side Projects and Partnerships that Will Feed Ethereum into the Community Platform!
Ethereum Cash Prizes in our Telegram group twice a month! (See pinned message in the group)

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How the Community Earnings Platform Works:


1. Hold ETH

Send ethereum to a
Web 3.0 wallet like
MetaMask metamask.io or Trust Wallet https://trustwallet.com/

2. Purchase POWER

Simply enter the amount of ETH you want to exchange into Power Coins on the platform page, and confirm the transaction in your wallet. You will receive POWER for your ETH and pay the 20% fee that's distributed as ETH dividends to you and all the other coin holders. (Yes, you also get dividends on yourself!)

3. Earn Dividends

Earn “free” Ethereum every time someone transacts on the platform! Any new buy or sell will trigger you to receive dividend in your earnings. And every time the amount of Ethereum increases on the platform, the value of your POWER Coins increases!

4. Reinvest Dividends

If you want, you can reinvest your ETH dividends with the push of one button for more POWER coins and increase your overall percentage of the supply.

5. Withdraw Dividends

Withdraw ETH directly to your wallet, the Smart Contract does the hard part. You can sell your coins and withdraw your Ethereum dividends whenever you want. There is no time period or lockup! You have 100% control over your funds at all times!

6. Earn Consistent ETH

All dividends are paid in Ethereum only. Simple and 100% transparent. Available to withdraw whenever you want directly to your Ethereum wallet. Your earned Ethereum dividends can never decrease in quantity and can not be withdrawn by anyone other than you! There are no admin or developer keys to the platform.

POWER Coin : ERC-20 Standard

POWER are minted to generate you dividends

Through a combination of computer science and mathematics, The Power Stake Community Platform smart contract efficiently distributes dividend payments on the Ethereum blockchain.

Higher Dividend Rates

20% is the new standard, doubling the rate of previous autonomous blockchain contracts

Referral System

Referral links earn you 6% of the total from a new purchase (30% of the 20% generated dividends)

Consistent ETH pricing structure

Hardcoded into the contract, each buy/sell will increase/decrease the POWER price by .00000001 ETH

feature image Verified Ethereum Contract

The Power Stake Community Platform is based on the Ethereum network. The smart contract that runs the platform is verified and audited for security. The contract code is open and available at Etherscan.io. The contract code can only do those functions that are inherent in it initially; it cannot be changed or deleted. This guarantees absolute transparency and honesty of the project, which is also part of the core values of the Community Platform itself. Neither the creators or anyone else can affect the work of the project in any way.
A Immutable contract that can't be changed or stopped by anyone.

feature image

The Power Casino

A part of the passive income to POWER coin holders comes from the weekly turnover to the Online Crypto Casino -The Power Casino!
The Casino runs one Ethereum Raffle every 48 hours, with four Mega Jackpot's each year - and 5% of every pot
will be distributed as Ethereum Dividends to all the POWER coin holders!

A Minimum of 15% of the weekly turnover from all the other games in the casino is distributed to all power coin hoders each Saturday!
The percentage in Ethereum received will be the same percentage you hold POWER coins relative to the total POWER circulating supply.

The Power Casino is a No KYC/AML one klick away, easy to use platform with a huge marketing team that launched the 4th of January 2020!
The Casino uses ProvablyFair Technology so that every single game is completely random and 100% independent of previous games and transactions!